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  • What everyone is talking about
    The Wellington
    Care Cover
    Diabetes and hypertension (High blood Pressure) require lifelong treatment.
    The burden of these diseases on your finances is therefore lifelong as well.
    This is where our cover come in to help you save.
  • You can definitely..
    Live a Healthier,
    Better Life
    Our vision is to be that proactive institution that greatly
    contributes to the fight against Diabetes and Heart disease.

Your wellness is what makes us better at what we do

So let us get you on the path to recovery. Take alook at the options below and select the most applicable to you or your condition. Returning visitors can simply Book an Appointment.

I suffer from Diabetes..

We offer comprehensive care for diabetes. Our personnel are greatly experienced and skilled in helping you take control this disease, and we're here to help you.

What else do you do?

Apart from Diabetes & Heart disease care, we also offer Nutrition Therapy, Weight loss surgery, Pediatric diabetic care to mention but a few. See our services portfolio.

I have a heart condition..

Simply consult our team of senior cardiologists with years of experience in managing heart disease especially high blood pressure and more..

Wellington Care Cover

Our latest service offers affordable chronic care plans just made for you. Read more about it.

Wellness News

Here's what's new at the Wellington Diabetes & Heart Clinic