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Our Services

Comprehensive Diabetes Care

At Wellington diabetes and heart clinic, we offer comprehensive care for diabetes. Diabetes is a debilitating life- long disease, we are experienced and skilled in helping you take control this disease. Every patient has a professional diabetes care team that designs and provides a treatment plan individualized to their needs and adapts their needs change.

The team comprises of the diabetes physician, diabetic nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionist therapist, pharmacist and diagnostics specialist and in special cases, a counselor to help our patients deal with the mental stress of diabetes.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes damages the small nerves and blood vessels of the feet. Over time, patients can develop wounds and ulcers that are incapacitating, which can even lead to amputation to save the patient’s life .We offer advice on how to take care of your feet and carry out detailed regular examination.

We go further and provide diabetic foot wear that is certified by the American Diabetic Association and US-FDA. This footwear is uniquely designed to protect your feet, yet in a comfortable, fashionable way. We offer a variety of sizes and modern styles for both man and women, casual or formal.

Nutritional Therapy

The cornerstone in effective treatment of diabetes and heart disease is through nutrition. A sedentary lifestyle in combination with poor nutrition are the major causes. At  Wellington ,diabetes and heart clinic we have a fully fledged nutrition therapy department that forms a key element of each patient’s care plan.

Our nutrition therapists will access your food needs according to your disease status and formulate a diet plan for you. We offer diet plans that fit in your life style, using food you can access locally, whether it is to manage your diabetes, to match your insulin injections, maintain or lose weight, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. Even if you are healthy and simply want to eat well, you can drop by and see our nutrition therapist.

We are in the process of setting up a five star restaurant that offers daily meals to diabetes patients in Kampala. This will fulfill our promise of providing a comprehensive service that fits in your life style.

Specialised Quality Professional Laboratory Services

Our accurate efficient laboratory is at your service .We utilize equipment and staff of the highest caliber to guarantee assured world-class diagnosis and regular monitoring which are essential in the successful management of diabetes and heart diseases.

Weight Loss Surgery

As part of our weight loss treatments, wellington diabetes and heart clinic offers weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery may be needed for patients who are obese. We offer liposuction, as well as key-hole gastric banding surgery which involves tying a band around the stomach through very small holes that cuts down on its capacity.

This results in dramatic weight loss. It is reversible surgery, and the band can be adjusted accordingly. Our experienced weight loss surgery is internationally trained, giving you an assured quality service.

Care for Children with Diabetes

The number of children in Uganda with type 1 diabetes is on the rise. Our Pediatric diabetes specialist physician will design a treatment plan to control your child’s diabetes and help them to live a normal fulfilling life.

Our diabetes care team will cater to every aspect of your child’s treatment. We also offer support groups to help your child deal with the psychosocial burden of this disease.

World-class Cardiology Services

The Heart department of wellington diabetes and Heart clinic is second to none. We offer a wide range of quality –assured services and continuously update our portfolio. We have a team of senior cardiologists with years of experience in managing heart disease especially high blood pressure. Cardiology services include; 

  1. ECG
  2. Stress ECG
  3. Cardiac ECHO cardiography
  4. Spirometry
  5. Nutrition therapy
  6.  Laboratory diagnostic and monitoring services.

Specialist Pharmacy

Our wellington diabetes and Heart clinic pharmacy is solely dedicated to your health. We stock world class drugs of quality reputation. We continuously update our inventory to bring to Uganda new innovative medications. We are proud to be the first provide continuous glucose monitors which have revolutionized care for patients on insulin. They automatically measure levels of glucose in the blood and inject the needed amount of insulin.

Contact us to know more about them and all the good products we offer for your health from stop smoking patches and pills, weight loss pills all hypertension medications, diabetes medications, insulins, multi vitamin supplements, diabetes skin care to antibiotics and much more.

Continuous Medical Education for Health Professionals

We have CME courses, workshops and conferences in endocrinology, diabetes and cardiology. Here are some of the links to our online CME partners.

Keep checking on us as we regularly update you on upcoming training at health institutions. Sign up for our news letter about what is new incase for diabetes and heart disease.

We carry out research in cardiology, diabetes and endocrinology with the goal of improving care to see our research work. Contact us if you are interested in participating in our research activities.