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Wellington Care Cover

Wellington Care Cover

Tailored with patients’ perspective & values in mind

Chronic care management has for many years, been a challenge in Uganda’s healthcare industry, this because of limited follow-up treatment guidelines for patients. As such, the wellington care plan is well thought of solution aimed at giving individualized care not only within our facility and but also in the convenience of your home. Our team of chronic care specialists have been carefully selected to provide full year care to your dear loved ones with Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Hyper Tension and Thyroid Disease.

The Wellington Care Plan is available in 4 variants: Premium, Classic, Executive, Standard and Enhanced.
The plan provides cover for out-patient expenses related to the chosen plan and is designed to cover expenses such as: investigative diagnostics, prescribed medicines & drugs, nursing and consultation charges with Specialists, including home visits and monitoring equipment, as per the policy schedule.

Save upto 40% of your actual cost of managing your chronic conditions, by letting the experts to work with you to get better your health status while giving you value for money.

What does your plan cover?

Consultation, investigative diagnostics, prescribed drugs and follow up visits for;

  • Diabetes Type 1
  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Hypertension
  • Thyroid Disease

What makes your plan special?

  • The cost of chronic care management covered throughout the year • Special discounts for bigger families
  • Flexible payment terms
  • No pre-policy check-ups
  • No Co-payments
  • Tailored home visits program

Other Benefits

  • 10% discount on all other services provided in the Medical group
  • We ensure your wellbeing to prevent hospitalization as well as make outpatient services hassle free. • Exciting offers for medical checkups.
  • Up to 5% on subscriptions for family members, friends referred by card holder.


  • The proposed duration of the cover will be 12 months for every member on the medical scheme, it can also be tailored monthly, quarterly and half yearly, upon client’s request.

Details about the Care Structures, Discounts, Payment Details are in our Brochure : Click here to Download the Brochure